Frankincense: A Healing Resin


by Candace Liccione

It is time to take a closer look at Frankincense as there is a lot of talk about the healing properties of this underappreciated aromatic resin.  There seems to be a lot of buzz about using frankincense for curing some cancers and other health issues.

Frankincense is a resin that is very potent, so it is not used internally. It is used medicinally externally in topical applications for abscesses, carbuncles, as a liniment for rheumatic pain, to draw infection from septic sores and to relieve pain. In Chinese medicine, frankincense enters the heart and lung meridians. It promotes blood circulation and qi movement. And is especially effective for conditions where the joints and muscles are very stiff, swollen and painful.

Burning frankincense as incense or as frankincense oil for aromatherapy is good for meditation and to clear and calm the mind. Frankincense is anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, anti-depressant, stimulates new cell growth, helps prevent wrinkles and heals wounds. This herb has a counter-effect on aging, is expectorant, treat coughs and colds, is a gastric tonic, decongestant and good for bronchial and asthma problems.

Frankincense essential oil has a fresh, woody, balsamic, slightly spicy and fruity scent and is used for elevating spirit and soul, psychic awareness, deeply buried secrets and for relaxing for nervous tension. A great way to use frankincense is as a roll-on with a carrier oil (like fractionated coconut oil). You can make your own blend or buy a roll-on blend at your local natural products store.  That way you have it in your purse when you need it.

Check out the benefits of frankincense oil and see if it is something you need to add to your life.