Herb Shop Updates


We have moved The Herbery up to the front of the shop and we are so delighted! All of the herbs, teas, tea bags, tea accessories, aromatherapy products, candles and natural products are all gathered together in the same place now.

When you stop by, be sure to sample some of our new tea blends based on the herbs recommended by the Medical Medium book by Anthony William. He has wonderful and exciting new information about the mystery illnesses many people are dealing with at this time.

Another wonderful product line we carry is Bach Rescue Remedy and Bach Flower Essence products which includes Rescue Sleep, Rescue Energy, etc. Bach remedies are homeopathic in nature and work on emotional issues. And who nowadays doesn’t have some emotional issues. If you are stressed, frazzled and emotionally out of whack, try some Rescue Remedy.

We also do custom Bach Flower Essence consultations where we make you a custom remedy for your current issues. Bach also has Rescue Remedy for your animals. My sister Heidi tried it on her 6-year-old hyper Queensland Heeler dog, Foxy. A few drops in her water bowl works for Foxy’s hyperness.

See you soon at The Herbery!