Frankincense: A Healing Resin


by Candace Liccione

It is time to take a closer look at Frankincense as there is a lot of talk about the healing properties of this underappreciated aromatic resin.  There seems to be a lot of buzz about using frankincense for curing some cancers and other health issues.

Frankincense is a resin that is very potent, so it is not used internally. It is used medicinally externally in topical applications for abscesses, carbuncles, as a liniment for rheumatic pain, to draw infection from septic sores and to relieve pain. In Chinese medicine, frankincense enters the heart and lung meridians. It promotes blood circulation and qi movement. And is especially effective for conditions where the joints and muscles are very stiff, swollen and painful.

Burning frankincense as incense or as frankincense oil for aromatherapy is good for meditation and to clear and calm the mind. Frankincense is anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, anti-depressant, stimulates new cell growth, helps prevent wrinkles and heals wounds. This herb has a counter-effect on aging, is expectorant, treat coughs and colds, is a gastric tonic, decongestant and good for bronchial and asthma problems.

Frankincense essential oil has a fresh, woody, balsamic, slightly spicy and fruity scent and is used for elevating spirit and soul, psychic awareness, deeply buried secrets and for relaxing for nervous tension. A great way to use frankincense is as a roll-on with a carrier oil (like fractionated coconut oil). You can make your own blend or buy a roll-on blend at your local natural products store.  That way you have it in your purse when you need it.

Check out the benefits of frankincense oil and see if it is something you need to add to your life.


Are you still consuming Aspartame?

Did you know that Aspartame was discovered in 1965 by Mr. James M. Schlatter, an American chemist and researcher whose discovery of the sweetness of Aspartame (in 1965) led to the development of G.D. Searle & Co.'s most famous product, NutraSweet®. Company folklore tells the tale of how Schlatter licked his finger to turn a book's page and tasted a sweet flavor, which the company decided to research. The resulting sugar substitute—180 to 200 times sweeter than sucrose—became one of the world's most widely used sweeteners under the name NutraSweet®. (1) It was initially approved for use in food products by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in 1981.

I remember first hearing about Aspartame from my sisters in the 1980’s. They had mentioned that they finally connected the dots from repeated headaches to their consumption of Aspartame. I thought it was interesting at the time and it wasn’t until years later that I experienced the same symptoms and after putting two and two together, I realized that I would get headaches after consuming Equal, which is Aspartame. I immediately erased it from my diet and my headaches have never returned.

Asparatame came up in conversation for me again recently when a family member experienced yet another massive migraine. I asked her to think back to what she had been consuming in the days before because I sensed something in her diet had to be triggering her migraines. Thinking through what she had been eating, she couldn’t pinpoint anything and it wasn’t until a week later when I received a text stating that she just realized that the Fresca soft drinks that she was consuming contained Aspartame.She had never read the label.

I’m a label fanatic. I like to know what I am consuming and if I read an ingredient that I don’t know, I research it. As you can research for yourself, there are many sites with blogs that are dedicated to Aspartame where you will read that “many consumers report headaches, dizziness, rashes, bloating, nausea, diarrhea, and digestive problems after ingesting artificial sweeteners.”

So the next time you reach for NutraSweet® and Equal®, diet soda, sugar-free ice cream, reduced-calorie fruit juice, gum, yogurt, sugarless candies and more, be sure to read the label and be alert to how your body reacts to consuming artificial sweeteners. -Tiffany Windsor




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Book Review: Liver Rescue by Anthony William


Book Review by Candace Liccione

This book the the fourth in a series of books by Anthony William. His first book is the “Medical Medium”, the second is “LIfe Changing Foods”, the third book is “Thyroid Healing” and the most recent book is titled “Liver Rescue”. All of his books are founts of healing information from his connection to spiritual information he receives as the medical medium.

After reading his first three books, I am so amazed at the insights he offers on food as medicine on so many levels of healing and understanding the mystery diseases of today. All his books are a must-read but his most recent book “Liver Rescue” offers such an in-depth level of information about our livers and how much an unhealthy liver affects the entire body’s health.

People really don’t understand or know the gravity of taking care of their livers in today’s world. Most of our current health issues are traced back to our toxic livers. If you knew how difficult it is for your liver to handle the alcohol, caffeine, sugar, processed food and other unhealthy food you eat, you would immediately decide to treat your liver with better food choices.

Anthony gives each herb, vegetable and fruit he recommends, detailed reasons to add them to your diet by telling you about not only the healing properties of each one but also the symptoms it treats, the conditions it treats, the emotional support it gives and the spiritual lesson of each.

Our livers were never meant to handle the man-made, engineered toxins, viruses, chemical, herbicides, solvents and heavy metals that our livers have to deal with on a daily basis. I highly recommend getting a copy of this book and sitting down and learning how to treat your liver for optimum health. This book should be read cover to cover and I think you will come away with wonderful information to change your health and your life.  



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Tummy Issues? Try this Natural Remedy


Challenged with tummy and digestive issues?

Try this essential oil blend.

Whenever anyone asks me what my go-to essential oil blend is, I choose DigestZen. I've always been challenged with tummy and digestive issues and had tried many natural remedies including ginger, peppermint, apple cider vinegar, fennel seed and more but it wasn’t until I became a doTerra Wellness Advocate that I discovered DigestZen. (Disclaimer: yes, I do sell doTerra but I’m not here to get you signed up. I am sharing because I want you to feel your very best!!)

As an adult, I’ve been very picky about what foods I consume (organic, free-range, grass fed) but no matter what genre - vegan, vegetarian, sometimes-arian or consumer of animal protein, my tummy never felt right. I don’t know that I can describe what that means other than slightly upset, bloated, gassy and otherwise off-balance.

It wasn’t until I tried DigestZen that I finally found a natural remedy that worked for me. The combination of ingredients include anise seed, peppermint plant, ginger rhizome/root, caraway seed, coriander seed,  tarragon plant, and fennel seed essential oils and this combination works magic on my tummy. You can add a few drops to water to take internally*, rub on your tummy before flying or driving for a calming aroma (just blend with fractionated coconut oil in a roller ball bottle), and I have found it particularly useful when travelling and trying new culinary delights.

If you don’t like the smell of licorice then this essential oil will not be the one for you because although anise seed is not directly related to licorice, it has a very similar taste and smell that you either LOVE or hate.

The name is perfect because this essential oil blend definitely makes my tummy feel ZEN!

Additional Resources:

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Obligatory Disclosure: The above information is based on my personal experience but I am required to make this statement: Statements with asterisks refer to internal use. All others refer to aromatic or topical use. *These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Tempered Glass Workshop

My sister, Heidi Borchers, shared her Tempered Glass technique in a small group 2-day workshop this weekend. Small classes are fabulous because everyone gets awesome teacher time. 

Using tempered glass, you know... the kind of glass that shatters into a thousand pieces when broken --  you can create a unique mosaic effect over hand-made papers. 

Step one is to lay out the glass on a tarp so that you can cover and break it. 

Laying the large sheet of tempered glass on a tarp.

Laying the large sheet of tempered glass on a tarp.

After breaking the glass.

After breaking the glass.

Using a hammer, you can take out a few of your frustrations on the glass when it is wrapped in the tarp.  On a side note here, you should have heard the glass companies response when Heidi call to buy glass. "I'm looking for tempered glass that I can break", she shared. Apparently most of the glass companies had never heard of such a thing.

Maria, Calla, Karen and Candace all enjoyed picking their own color schemes and layouts.

Once all the papers are glued in place, it's time to start applying the tempered glass and the finished effect is WOW!

Looking forward to seeing you at our next Tempered Glass Mosaic Workshop. 

Herb Shop Updates


We have moved The Herbery up to the front of the shop and we are so delighted! All of the herbs, teas, tea bags, tea accessories, aromatherapy products, candles and natural products are all gathered together in the same place now.

When you stop by, be sure to sample some of our new tea blends based on the herbs recommended by the Medical Medium book by Anthony William. He has wonderful and exciting new information about the mystery illnesses many people are dealing with at this time.

Another wonderful product line we carry is Bach Rescue Remedy and Bach Flower Essence products which includes Rescue Sleep, Rescue Energy, etc. Bach remedies are homeopathic in nature and work on emotional issues. And who nowadays doesn’t have some emotional issues. If you are stressed, frazzled and emotionally out of whack, try some Rescue Remedy.

We also do custom Bach Flower Essence consultations where we make you a custom remedy for your current issues. Bach also has Rescue Remedy for your animals. My sister Heidi tried it on her 6-year-old hyper Queensland Heeler dog, Foxy. A few drops in her water bowl works for Foxy’s hyperness.

See you soon at The Herbery!

Yes! We have embellishments.

We have the best selection of embellishments on the Eastern Shore or maybe even in Maryland! We love embellishments... you can use them in mixed media projects, collage, mosaics, art quilts, clay art, jewelry art, school projects and for fashion, etc, etc, etc.

Drop by and check out the metal charms, resin flowers, leaves and iridescent resin cabochons, tiny laser cut wood thingamajigs, wood, plastic, resin and cork alphabet letters, glass cabochons, porcelain flowers, pieces for assemblage and watch parts, mosaic tiles in ceramic & glass, rhinestones, feathers, google eyes, buttons and so much more.


Embellishments at Wye River Designs


Lots of exciting changes here at Wye River Designs. Recently both my sisters, Heidi and Tiffany, flew in from California and we spent three days rearranging the shop, moving furniture, painting walls and shelving and giving everything a fresh new look. I knew that I needed to move things around to make room for our expanding herb shop but I hadn't planned for painting...but...the sisters jumped in brushes in hand and transformed a big section of the shop with a fresh coat of paint and shabby chic painted some of my dark wood shelves transforming them into white washed which is really brightening up the jewelry section. 

I am SO delighted with how it all turned out. The herb shop is much bigger, and all the products are together in one space. The gift and jewelry section is so adorable and shabby chic and full of fun. There are handmade gifts plus all the jewelry making supplies we have always carried in the shop.

We have spread our new embellishments throughout the shop in little bowls. big bowls and other containers. We are so excited with the selection of embellishments we now offer!

Now, I have the kind of unique and fabulous trinkets I have been looking for to create my art projects and can’t wait to share with all of you!


Wye River Designs - Heidi Borchers, Tiffany Windsor and Candace Liccione
Wye River Designs - Heidi Borchers and Candace Liccione