Lots of exciting changes here at Wye River Designs. Recently both my sisters, Heidi and Tiffany, flew in from California and we spent three days rearranging the shop, moving furniture, painting walls and shelving and giving everything a fresh new look. I knew that I needed to move things around to make room for our expanding herb shop but I hadn't planned for painting...but...the sisters jumped in brushes in hand and transformed a big section of the shop with a fresh coat of paint and shabby chic painted some of my dark wood shelves transforming them into white washed which is really brightening up the jewelry section. 

I am SO delighted with how it all turned out. The herb shop is much bigger, and all the products are together in one space. The gift and jewelry section is so adorable and shabby chic and full of fun. There are handmade gifts plus all the jewelry making supplies we have always carried in the shop.

We have spread our new embellishments throughout the shop in little bowls. big bowls and other containers. We are so excited with the selection of embellishments we now offer!

Now, I have the kind of unique and fabulous trinkets I have been looking for to create my art projects and can’t wait to share with all of you!


Wye River Designs - Heidi Borchers, Tiffany Windsor and Candace Liccione
Wye River Designs - Heidi Borchers and Candace Liccione