Book Review: Liver Rescue by Anthony William


Book Review by Candace Liccione

This book the the fourth in a series of books by Anthony William. His first book is the “Medical Medium”, the second is “LIfe Changing Foods”, the third book is “Thyroid Healing” and the most recent book is titled “Liver Rescue”. All of his books are founts of healing information from his connection to spiritual information he receives as the medical medium.

After reading his first three books, I am so amazed at the insights he offers on food as medicine on so many levels of healing and understanding the mystery diseases of today. All his books are a must-read but his most recent book “Liver Rescue” offers such an in-depth level of information about our livers and how much an unhealthy liver affects the entire body’s health.

People really don’t understand or know the gravity of taking care of their livers in today’s world. Most of our current health issues are traced back to our toxic livers. If you knew how difficult it is for your liver to handle the alcohol, caffeine, sugar, processed food and other unhealthy food you eat, you would immediately decide to treat your liver with better food choices.

Anthony gives each herb, vegetable and fruit he recommends, detailed reasons to add them to your diet by telling you about not only the healing properties of each one but also the symptoms it treats, the conditions it treats, the emotional support it gives and the spiritual lesson of each.

Our livers were never meant to handle the man-made, engineered toxins, viruses, chemical, herbicides, solvents and heavy metals that our livers have to deal with on a daily basis. I highly recommend getting a copy of this book and sitting down and learning how to treat your liver for optimum health. This book should be read cover to cover and I think you will come away with wonderful information to change your health and your life.  



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